Why You Should Invest in Poisar

Poisar is a region situated in Borivali’s west location in Mumbai, the western suburbs, and the Metropolitan area. Famous for its river, Poisar is a scenic location to have a peaceful lifestyle while having all the benefits of the developed locality. Poisar used to be well known for its Ganesh Visarjan where people from all over Mumbai used to visit the Poisar river during the Ganesh Chaturthi. Projects in Poisar began picking the pace when the employment rates around the western Borivali started going up.

Over time, Poisar became one of the accessible spots and it is now in high demand due to its other features given below

Infrastructural progress and growth

Flats in Poisar have increased due to the rapid development and investment done by the developers. This is because Poisar has the characteristics that make it a better residential area. Given the average requirement of Borivali west, the 2 BHK flats in Poisar are more commonly preferred and available. However, the 3BHK flats in Poisar, are developed for the residents to experience the luxury and lavishness of Poisar. These configurations may now be in their most cost convenient ranges, which in due time will rise once Poisar starts progressing further.

Social infrastructural remark

Poisar has its fascinating tourism and public attraction which is the Sanjar Gandhi National Park. This means that you can have flats in Poisar that are close to the biggest National Park in Mumbai. Projects in Poisar also have the benefit of being very close to Essel World, which happens to be another very famous holiday destination in Mumbai. There are multiple institutes, hospitals, clinics, and centers around Poisar as well.

Seamless Connectivity

All projects in Poisar are easily connected to the Western Express Highway which gives access to residents to smoothly travel across different regions of Mumbai. There is Swami Vivekananda Road which is recently developed that is convenient for traveling as well. Flats in Poisar also are at advantage with the link road which gives quick routes to buses and taxis around the western region of Mumbai. Poisar has Borivali west railway station at its closest which makes it easy for public transport like a train too.

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