What To Choose Between Ready To Move in Vs Under Construction While Buying A New Home

One of the most important things to consider while house hunting is what kind of home you want to look out for, the one that you can move in immediately or the one that you want to decorate & customize as per your choice? This could be the most tricky decision to take as both types of homes have their pros & cons.

To help you determine the right kind of home for you let’s break down the pros & cons of ready to move in & under-construction homes:

Ready to move-in homes:


1. The best part about these homes is you can move in immediately after buying the house without any delays.
2. Since these homes don’t require renovation work it’s easier to stick to your budget while buying these homes.
3. It’s easier to get a loan on ready-to-move-in homes as it involves lesser risk.


1. RTMI homes can be a little more expensive than under-construction homes as they come with a complete package from interior work to furniture etc.
2. You have a limited scope for customization as per your choice.
3. It might be difficult to find a RTMI home that suits your requirements & budget, especially if you are planning to buy property in Mumbai.

Under-construction homes:


1. You can customize under-construction homes as per your choice.
2. It could serve as a good investment opportunity.
3. You might get a better location & amenities when you buy an under-construction house as it mostly will be a part of a bigger project.
4. You get comparatively more time to arrange for finances while buying an under-construction house as many developers provide different schemes & offer and you don’t have to pay the full amount for your house in one go.


1. You might need to look out for temporary housing till your apartment gets ready.
2. It is considered a risky investment sometimes as there might be some unknown or uncertain delays due to which a builder is not able to deliver the project on time or sometimes at all.
3. Purchasing an under-construction property will attract a tax incidence of five percent of the total cost of the property. Stamp duty and registration charges will have to be paid separately, resulting in heavy expenditure on taxes.

With such pros & cons, you have to decide wisely which home will be best suited for you. Another way to upgrade to a new home is by selling your current home. I want to sell my house & buy a new one is the most searched question while house hunting. Platforms like Homexchange can make your home upgrade easier. All you need to do is provide the Home Expert with complete details of your current home & wait for their offer.

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