Top 5 Real Estate Developers in Gurgaon

2022 is projected to be an excellent year for investment in property. Gurgaon has garnered a reputation as one of the most preferred destinations for investment in real estate and big names in the industry have aggressively started expansion in the area.

Top 5 Real Estate Developers in Gurgaon

Assotech Limited

Amongst the leading real estate developers in Gurgaon, Assotech limited is a twenty-five-year-old brand rich with experience. Pacing quickly with the development of the market, Assotech Limited is to become the most lustrous organization of residential spaces, retail and corporate spaces, and hospitality spaces in Gurgaon. Assotech Limited builds creative and innovative real estate in the best locations around Gurgaon like sector 99 based on the craftsmanship that is proof of their ever-growing success story of the best residential projects in Gurgaon.

Tata Housing

Tata Housing is another legendary real estate developer that offers you luxurious apartments in Gurgaon. Their projects are in multiple locations around Gurgaon covering Southern Peripheral Road, Sohna Road, sector 112-113, and many more. These prime locations of Gurgaon bring the best connectivity through Dwarka Expressway. Tata Housing gives all configurations of apartments with the convenience of a gated community. They also bring the best villas in Gurgaon. Tata Housing covers the beauty of Gurgaon with the Aravali views and many other nature-centric spots.

Godrej Properties

Godrej Group also banks a well-created reputation in the real estate industry, giving some of the best residential projects in Gurgaon. Although Godrej comprises a multiple businesses profile of FMCG, engineering, appliances, Agri-care, security, and many more, their real estate developments are beyond compare. Since Godrej Group thrones a combined market capital and have the brand name of the country’s most diversified conglomerates, the quality of apartments they develop in Gurgaon lives up to their name.

M3M India

M3M is a real estate brand that is ranked number 2 in the country and delivers one of the most vividly creative projects in Gurgaon. They hold a reputation of being identified as an emerging real estate brand and are recognized for their contribution to the evolution of the lifestyle and redefining luxury. Their innovations capture the uniqueness of the spirit in the people of Gurgaon. M3M follows a vision of being innovative with class and speed which reflects in their work.

Ashiana Housing

Ashiana Housing is leading the real estate industry of Gurgaon by catering to middle-class homes by creating projects that have all the features found in higher-class housing groups. Their agenda is to bring more affordability in Gurgaon for the people to experience luxury at any status. Their projects adhere to building amenities like lawns, swimming pools, clubhouses, and many more at a very convenient cost. Ashiana Housing initiated the retirement home movement in India for senior citizens to have better comfort in their living.

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