Reasons People Love Residential Apartments with Huge Open Spaces

In congested cities like Mumbai, open green space is a luxury. The city is jam-packed with concrete forests, roads, railways, and other physical structures. As residential real estate has evolved, open spaces and greenery are used as unique selling points by developers. And rightly so because it cannot be found anywhere. These include open spaces with gardens and greenery, water bodies in the form of ponds, pathways, seating areas surrounded by trees, artificially made hillocks, etc. Property buyers and investors seek open spaces for many obvious reasons.

Let us look at them:

1. Active lifestyle

Open spaces are a means of staying healthy and feeling fresh by taking walks, jogging, following a yoga routine, and any other physical activity. These help the mind refresh and rejuvenate helping to cope with the fast-paced stressful life that most people have today. This also becomes very essential for children who are addicted to gadgets these days. By providing space for playing sports and engaging in physical activity, children can be healthier during their growing years. Adults can have extra time for themselves, family, and friends which further helps in maintaining a positive mindset to face daily challenges.

2. Recreation

Recreation and leisure activities need space which is rare in flats in Dombivli. One can enjoy reading a book in the quiet spaces, playing games with kids, or socializing with friends; all activities that help in reposing after taking a break. It provides senior citizens with the much-needed relaxing avenues that they deserve in the golden periods of their lives. These spaces offer a chance for a mini vacation or holiday to soothe the mind and the body.

3. Greenery

It is well known that greenery calms the mind. Open spaces with greenery are the best means of relaxing. Green is soothing for the eyes and the mind. It is in these spaces that people can unwind and meditate. By maintaining silence and tranquility in the open spaces people can follow a destressing routine. They help to cut off from our gadgets and fast-paced stressful lives. Many developers having 1 BHK flats in Dombivli West are including as much greenery as possible in their upcoming projects.

4. Social Life

Open spaces are ideal spaces for meeting and socializing with people. Engaging and enjoying common interests and activities help in forming friendships and bonds. There is scope to host and celebrate events during public holidays and festivals. They also facilitate children to learn social skills by mingling with other children and forming bonds of friendship which serve as essential life lessons.

Open spaces in projects like Swaminarayan City provide space for adults, children, and senior citizens to experience freedom of movement and expression. These in turn help in leading wholesome and enriching lives that go beyond just work.

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