Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Developer

Property buying is a big transaction and involves bigger risks pertaining to the property as well as the funding required to buy the property. Builders in Dahisar are coming up with newer projects which are prospects to the home buyers.

To make sure the property you are interested in, is genuine, the below-mentioned questions are what need to be answered:

1. Land acquisition and legal rights:

Developers in Dahisar might start constructing the properties before the overall acquisition is finalized. This reflects the part of that property which is yet to be paid for resulting in legal knots in case you buy space without having complete knowledge. The proof you are looking for is the title of the land deeds that have the correct names of the developers which can save you from trouble

2. Necessary approvals:

In real estate, there is a term called the open space reservation or OSR, which is a part of the land that the builders in Dahisar must allot to the government to make recreation grounds, hospitals, or parks. However, at times if this part of the land is not used for the same reason and instead is used by the developer, it could lead to issues. Having track of these approvals is a vital piece of information.

3. Design plans and future development:

When looking at flats in Dahisar, the properties shown to you must be final. You can compare the flooring plans, complete project plans, and other facilities like pool, jogging area, garden, clubhouse and so on that are promised to you and learn if they are final. Otherwise, there might be alterations in the plans, and you might not get what you were looking for.

4. Carpet Area, Super Built-up area, and built-up area:

Asking the main difference between the areas is important because you might be shown a big number for the carpet area but in truth, it might be the super built-up area. The carpet area is the area excluding the walls of the apartment. Built up area is the area that covers the walls. Super Built-up area is where the lobby, lifts, stairs, etc. are included as well.

5. Financial schemes and banks involved:

Most of the benefits you could avail of on the finances are through hidden schemes and internal plans which get you discounts and bank benefits. Verifying this information is important as it might not be readily available from the developer at the time of buying. This also includes the Construction linked payment plans and possession-linked payment plans.

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