How To Select The Best Real Estate Developer in Pune

Pune being the 9th most crowded city in India and 2nd biggest city in Maharastra after Mumbai has a lot of demand for residential properties. Plenty of employment opportunities & spacious homes have attracted the younger generation to shift their base to Pune in recent years in search of a better & peaceful lifestyle. However, buying a home is the biggest financial decision in most people’s life. For most of us, it’s about putting all of our life’s savings into buying a new home or signing the next 30 years fulfilling home loans. Therefore one must choose the right builder in Pune for their dream abode to avoid any disappointments.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the best real estate developer in Pune, if you are planning to invest in residential projects in Pune.

Do extensive research

Several builders with their ongoing projects in Pune are inducing potential home buyers with captivating marketing & advertising tactics for sale. However, not every property or builder will serve you what they claim. Detailed research to determine credibility & consistency through different sources is very important. Check their website, plan site visits to their ongoing & completed projects, take opinions from their existing customers, if multiple people express their dissatisfaction about a particular builder you can immediately discontinue & start looking for the better option. This will save you from the risk of losing your hard-earned money, time & energy,

Quality of work

When you are investing a huge amount in a project, you have to pay utmost importance to the quality that you will get in return. Check out the construction of their projects from all the possible angles. Check of projects of the same builder in other locations. Consider taking reviews of the people who have already invested in the builder’s projects. Apart from the quality also observe other important aspects like layout, aesthetics, amenities & facilities the builder is promising. Location and connectivity is yet another aspect to be checked to suit your need before finalizing anything.

Make sure they are legal

This is the most important field of research while choosing the right developer. Make sure the developer’s project that you are considering is legally compliant (RERA) & the developer has all the necessary documents regarding land, authority approvals, building plan approvals & other information readily available with him.

Previous records

To understand how experienced the builder is check their previous records. Find out the time taken to deliver their previous project. Research if they have a good network & a name in the real estate industry. Try to read in between their pricing patterns. If they have been charging too high for their projects, see if there is any hidden cost involved. Also, check if the builder is financially secure. If that is not the case there could be delays in delivering the project, the materials used for the construction could be of the cheaper quality which might lead you to unnecessary trouble in the future. To ensure the financial health of the builder you may look into their sale of units & project success rate.

As mentioned in the beginning Pune is getting a lot of attention from the younger generation these days. Many well-known builders & developers in Pune are taking this opportunity to offer the best residential projects in Pune. Just consider the above-mentioned points & invest in your dream home wisely.

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