Future of Live Video in Online Marketing

Live video is set to become the next big thing in online marketing. Gone are the days of simple text and flash ads; the content today is focused more on making good videos. The main reason seems to stem from the fact that videos are the ideal mode of communication with a diverse type of content which can be shared most efficiently.

Video ads have always been the ultimate choice for business, for conventional and online promotion from many decades now. However, today live videos seem to be working best in helping build a closer and stronger relationship with the customer.

Live Video

Live video marketing takes out the superficial edges seen in conventionally edited video ads. The ‘live’ nature of the medium is believed to be the connecting string which makes the content being shown more relevant to the customer during a live video streaming.

The immense rate of progress in technology has today enabled AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) to become increasingly popular globally. Experts believe these technologies to be common around 2022. For this, companies and brands need to have an ideal marketing strategy prepared.

With the advanced and diverse media online helping to close the distance between consumer and company significantly, consumers are becoming more aware of the relationship that a brand shares with them. The excessively aware consumer of today is rising above the conventional ads and is seeking a closer and more ‘real’ attention from the company.

Thus, it is vital for a business to invest time, money and resources into building a closer and stronger relationship with the consumer which will ensure better customer retention and improved brand loyalty.

A study by Cisco suggests that by 2022, around 70% of the total online traffic will be in the video. This, in no way, means that the video will be ideal and edited professionally. Already, major brands are getting live-video ad campaigns started nearly every other day on the internet.

To a lot of business owners, the thought of live video makes them anxious and apprehensive, which is understandable due to lack of complete information about it amongst companies. The best way to think about the live video is when you wish to highlight the contribution of your consumer and employees for all. Simply make sure that the viewers are given access to content which is not to be found anywhere else.

A live video interview of a customer or an employee gets easier than you thought when you sit behind the camera and the viewers suggest their own questions they wish to ask. This takes the pressure off of the interviewer to prepare too much for the live feed.

Another way of ensuring an easy live feed ad campaign is to plan for each employee, or a group of them, to get the responsibility for handling the live video interview or content. This will help to bring in new and diverse ideas to the table which will keep the viewers interested as well.

Live video does not mean 24/7 video streaming

Believe it or not, most people think of live video as being 24/7 live streaming of the work being done by the company. The fact is live video ads work best when placed strategically in your complete online ad campaign. Ensure your viewers and consumers are shown live video streaming of important events in the company. It could be the development and revealing of a new product or a special event of the company.

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