Effective Social Media Techniques To Take Your Business To The Penultimate Point Of Success

In a recent survey conducted by New York’s social media team, it is estimated that almost 93% of Americans are hooked to social networking sites like Face book, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google plus as compared to checking even their daily e-mails. That is the astounding power, social media can bring across your door-step. But you need to use effective marketing techniques to get the benefits of the boom, social media currently enjoys.

Let us unveil interesting marketing strategies to take you to where you aspire to be

Stick to your daily plan

Your marketing team or PR team (Public Relations team) might have devised plans to get a certain number of tweets or hits, which need to be published on your e-store’s word press site. This gives you a great bench mark or a platform on how you should frame your ad campaigns in between Face book or Twitter. Use catchy phrases and pleasing visuals to promote your company’s brand. The net user shouldn’t feel as if you are trying to deliberately insert your ad into the daily news feed, appearing on FB. You need to devise more user friendly and natural ways of depicting your ads.

Let me give you an example, if a guest blogger has given an article on getting rid of pimples and you are having a set of beauty creams to promote, you can place your ad just below the blog so that audience can quickly relate the blog to your beauty products. This is where you need to be really really smart.

Treat your customer like a king

As far as social media is concerned, any prospect who tweets on your business page or hits a like on your FB page is your customer. In case you have mentioned a detailed know how on how people can use your e-store’s products and services, and some-one has hit a like on the page, you can quickly capture the e-mail id of the person and send a thank you mail for liking the page. And you can offer a flat 20% discount on your company’s product portfolio. You can still go further by offering the guy or the girl, a free hair spa or give away t-shirts.

This way, the positive word of mouth spreads and you can market your products on an easy go.

However, negative feed backs need to be treated with the same level of respect and decorum. You can send the person an e-mail stating that he/she would be promised a 100% money back, just in case the product does not meet expectations. Else you can send in an apology e-mail that your company is working on the feedback and will definitely come up with better quality, going forward.

Quickly responding to feedbacks on social media can build trust and loyalty among your customers.

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