Buying A New Home V/S Ready-To-Move-In Home

To buy or to be built- that is the question. When moving to a new home, there are many factors to consider such as location, cost, time, amenities & customization. The key point of considering these factors remains whether to move to a new home or to choose a home that is ready to move. As buying a home is a big decision in an individual’s life, it is important to choose the right home for you considering all the pros and cons of it.

Buying A New Home VS Ready To Move In Home

Let’s understand a few factors that will help you decide whether to buy a new home or choose a ready-to-move-in home for you & your family.


One of the basic and most important factors when buying a home is the time you are willing to invest to find a property and the time you plan to move out of your current home. If you are looking for immediate possession you should consider looking out for ready-to-move-in properties. If you have some time in hand – ready to wait,  then look for under-construction projects in Mumbai before you own a house. That’s the basic difference between a ready-to-move-in home & new or under-construction property.


Another major factor that will help in your decision is the money you are willing to spend on your house. As you get immediate possession of ready-to-move-in homes you will have to close the deal immediately. If you have your financial arrangements in place, then it will help you get the property faster. On the other hand, when you choose to buy property in Mumbai for new construction projects, you may get various options to make your payment.

Many projects in Mumbai often provide you with various offers, discounts & flexible payment schemes to pay for your new home. Mostly you have an option of booking the property by paying a certain amount & paying the remaining after possession. Basically, in a ready-to-move-in home, you can calculate total cost more accurately based on current market rates, whereas in a new-built home you may have to bear fluctuations in the cost as per the market situation. So make your choice wisely.

Location & Amenities

New-built homes are often constructed in and around prime localities of the city with top-notch amenities & facilities all under one roof. However, depending upon the location & type of a ready-to-move-in home if it is in a small complex or a stand-alone building you may have to compromise on some amenities while moving into it.


Everyone likes to design & customize their home as per their choice. A new-build home will allow you to add your creative input and design your home the way you’ve always imagined, from color and finishes to material selections. Quick move-in homes may have more structured floor plans, but offer the luxury of convenience if you find one that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

With all the basic factors mentioned above go for what suits your need the best in the end. While house exchange will always be one of the important events in ones’ life, Homexchange India is the platform that can ease some of the load off your shoulders. If you want to sell a house & buy a new one do visit their website. They have a variety of ready-to-move-in as well as new-built projects & developers listed from which you can choose your dream home while selling your current home to them.

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