7 DIY Trends To Help Sell Your House Faster

Selling your home quickly will let you move into your dream home faster. It also means fewer days of keeping your home in pristine condition and leaving every time your agent brings prospective buyers for a tour. If you are looking out to sell a house & buy a new one, you might want to consider some DIY hacks to help sell your property faster. It won’t cost you much & can ensure that your property stands apart from the crowd.

Let’s look at some DIY trends that you will come across if you Google ‘ I want to sell my property :

Renovate the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It must be in a good condition if you want to sell your home. Make sure you paint the cabinets & change the handles. If you could change the flooring & taps in the kitchen sink that will also be an added advantage.

Paint the walls

If your home hasn’t seen a tin of paint for a while and you’re planning to sell, now could be the perfect moment to update it. While choosing the paint, remember the reason you’re painting is to appeal to buyers rather than yourself. Use neutral colors like whites and greys and keep the bolder tones for feature walls if you want to create them.

Change your front door

The first impression does wonders! Revamping your main door can make a huge impact. Modern doors are extremely energy-efficient, as well as look great. If your budget can’t stretch to a new one, you could add a splash of color to your existing door if it’s wooden.

Declutter your house

Get rid of everything that you aren’t going to take in your new home. For the furniture, books, photo frames, and showpieces try to get rid of most of the stuff before you let a potential buyer visit your home. This will create more room inside the house & will make it look spacious.

Optimize lighting

Lighting can also play an important role in the look & feel of your house. Change the old bulbs, fix tube lights, and try to create more room for natural light to enter wherever possible. Most of us don’t use enough lighting. You should strive for 100 watts for every 50 square feet.

Update fixtures around the house

Don’t forget to look at the fixtures around your house and replace any that have seen better days or are outdated. Replace light switches and plug sockets, Curtain & curtain rails, door handles, etc. These small changes can add a lot to a buyer’s appeal sometimes.

Pay attention to the exteriors

It’s not just about what your home has to offer inside but also about how it appears externally. If you stay in an independent house, make sure you paint the house externally as well. Try to add some greenery around with the help of some platers.

The bottom line is selling a home can be stressful – even more so if you’re on a tight deadline. Buyers can decide within seconds, a few from the curb, and a few when they step inside the front door. Make those seconds count with these basic DIY tricks.

Keep this checklist handy or allow Homexchange home experts to do the due diligence to make you a fair offer in 5 days so you can upgrade to your new home in 30 days.

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