Pollution Essay, Essay on Pollution in English

Pollution is a serious problem of today’s world. It has become a matter of great concern for the lovers of nature and environment. Not only the human community, but the entire living community has come under its grip. Its side effects are visible all around.

Pollution Essay, Essay on Pollution in English

In today’s time pollution has become a global problem. It has completely changed our earth and is harming the environment day by day, which is making our life more and more difficult.

Many types of organisms and species are slowly becoming extinct due to these harmful effects of pollution.

Types Of Pollution

1. Air Pollution

Air pollution is considered to be the most dangerous pollution, the main reason for this pollution is the smoke from industries and vehicles. The harmful smoke emanating from these sources also creates a hindrance in breathing for the people. Day by day growing industries and vehicles have increased the air pollution significantly. Which has created many health problems related to bronchitis and lungs.

2. Water Pollution

The waste from industries and households sometimes gets mixed in rivers and other water sources, due to which it pollutes them. Our rivers, once considered clean and holy, have become home to many diseases today because of the large amount of plastic material, chemical waste and many other types of non-biodegradable waste have been found.

3. Soil Pollution

Industrial and domestic waste that is not disposed of in water remains scattered on the ground. Although many attempts are made to recycle and reuse it, but no significant success is achieved in this. Due to such land pollution, mosquitoes, flies and other insects start growing in it, which cause many diseases in humans and other organisms.

4. Noise Pollution

Noise pollution arises from loud noise machines running in factories and other loud noise machines. Along with this, the noise generated due to the bursting of crackers, loudspeakers also increase in noise pollution from the vehicles on the road. Noise pollution is the main cause of mental stress in humans, which has many side effects on the brain as well as reduces hearing power.

5. Light Pollution

Light pollution is caused by producing excessive and excessive light in an area. Light pollution arises from the excessive use of lighting objects in urban areas. Objects that produce too much light without need increase light pollution, causing many problems.

6. Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive pollution refers to the pollution which is generated in the atmosphere by unwanted radioactive elements. Radioactive pollution is generated by the explosion and testing of weapons, mining etc. Along with this, the components generated in the form of waste in nuclear power stations also increase radioactive pollution.

7. Thermal Pollution

Water is used as a coolant in many industries, which is the main reason for thermal pollution. Due to this, aquatic organisms have to deal with problems like temperature change and lack of oxygen in the water.

8. Visual Pollution

Man-made objects that affect our vision come under visual pollution such as bill boards, antennas, garbage cans, electric poles, towers, wires, vehicles, multi-storey buildings, etc.

Most Polluted City of the World

On the one hand, where many cities of the world have succeeded in reducing the level of pollution, in some cities this level is increasing very fast. Cities like Kanpur, Delhi, Varanasi, Patna, Peshawar, Karachi, Sijizhuang, Heje, Chernobyl, Bemenda, Beijing and Moscow are included in the list of most polluted cities in the world. The level of air quality in these cities is very poor and with this the problem of water and land pollution in these cities is also increasing day by day, due to which the standard of living in these cities has become very pathetic. This is the time when people need to develop cities as well as control pollution level.

Tips for Preventing Pollution

Now that we have known the causes and effects and types of pollution, then now we have to make efforts to stop it. By following some of these given measures, we can control the problem of pollution.

1. Car Pooling

2. Say no to firecrackers

3. Recycle/Reuse

4. Keeping your surroundings clean

5. By limiting use of pesticides and fertilizers

6. Planting Trees

7. Use Compost

8. By not using light excessively and excessively

9. By making strict rules regarding the use of radioactive substances

10. By making stringent industrial rules and regulations

11. By planning construction


Pollution is destroying our environment day by day. To stop this, we need to take necessary steps so that the beauty of our earth can remain intact. If even now we continue to ignore this problem instead of solving it, then in future we will have to face its fatal consequences.

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