Essay On My Best Friend in English, Best Friend Essay

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Essay On My Best Friend, Best Friend Essay in English

Man is a social animal and he befriends others. We meet countless people on the journey of life, but we do not become friends with everyone.


Friendship is not about knowing money, it is about looking at the mind, the nature, the mind. We make friends with people we can call out of love at times of trouble, and those people find a permanent place in our hearts.

Essay On My Best Friend

Friends are an integral part of your life, be it childhood, school life, office colleagues or friends near your home. Everyone needs friends to share their feelings, express their thoughts and have a little fun in life.

It is my good fortune that I also got such friends in my life. Friends who help me sometimes without just loving money. I share my feelings, my good and bad times and sometimes my clothes too. His name is Kartik.

First visit

After I finished school by the fourth, my father was transferred and I was in another village. There I was named in that village school. It was the first day of school and there was no place to sit in the classroom, all the benches were filled. Then a boy gave me a place. That’s Karthik. His parents had just migrated to the city and he was also all new. There were new cities, new schools, new classes and new people everywhere around.

He became my friend from day one. We realized that we had a lot in common and that we were quickly mingling with each other.

Our friendship

Our friendship gradually became famous in whole schools and gradually we became best friends. Our teachers also understood this. We made each other so perfect that no one tried to make a distance between us..

We would also be giving each other the desired class tips homework. Although we were both smart, we never thought about who would take first place in the class.

Same hobbies

In addition to the study, we both loved cricket. We both enrolled in an academy and were practicing together in the evening. The only difference in our habits is that if I were a good batsman he would be a good bowler.

The two of us together had made our school a great team. From the fifth to even our college class, the first prize in a game was to visit our own school. Together we won a lot of competitions and gave a pass to the university. This made us very happy that our parents were also school teachers.


After our schooling, we both fell apart, because we both chose different career paths . If I decided to become an engineer after college education, Karthik would decide to become a scientist.

Both of us completed their education, we had a holiday in college that we would be meeting. We have been in Bangalore for the last 2 years. Now we are always meeting.

The only thing Kartik fears is to watch movies of ghosts. He loves watching comedy movies.

My friend my strength

My friend is a pillar for me in my time of need. I solve all my problems. Kartik always stands up to my help if there is a problem sometimes.

I have always had problems and he has encouraged me not to interfere with adversity. I’m glad I have a friend in my life who I can trust.

Why friends are so important

True friendship is one of the most important things in the world. A person who has no friend can understand the importance of a friend. Such a person cannot express his mind to anyone.

No one else in the world can do mutual love and honesty that can be shown by our friend in the world. A friend is a precious gem in one’s life.

A person’s friend is the closest and most special person in that person’s life. A friend is a person with whom we share the most important and vital things in our lives. Best friends support each other in everything they do.

The first person in my mind when I come to the idea of who to call in any difficult situation is my friend. Whenever I am in any trouble, my friend helps me to get out of this case by fulfilling the simplest solution. I did something wrong that he gets angry and I made some success that he compliments me.

Friendship can be a great blessing in anyone’s life. A person becomes familiar with certain people while traveling in their lives. Who think of your passion and mind. We become more fond of such people and spend more time with them.

Gradually a kind of relationship develops, which becomes an important memory in one’s life. Friendship is a sign of a selfless relationship and that is why friendship begins here.

You have spent most of your day with your friends. In short, the most important moments in everyone’s life are spent with friends. Even though we are a few miles away today, today we can talk to any friend by phone, video call.

Wherever we go, new ones are added, but I haven’t forgotten school friends yet. We all meet friends once every three or four months. Our old memories, what we are doing now, discuss this. Freshens some of our ridiculous moments again. Reminiscent of the good old days, every moment gathers in photographs and goes our way again.


A friend is someone who has a different relationship and mutual understanding perpetuates this relationship.

At different stages of life, you are met by such friends.

Psychologists have also said that everyone should have someone friend, so that they can help each other in time. It is also an indisputable fact that when friends meet each other they forget all their sorrows, their minds are happy.

A friend can be anyone, but a good friend is usually a person who we consider the most important of all our friends, telling him all our things. A good friend is like a family.

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